About Thinking Much Better

Thinking Much Better is a blog run by Nicholas Kross, frequently collaborating with Devin Kalish. Some security testing was done by CraftSpider.

It also contains the /nickai/ sub-site.

Contact us at “webmaster” at this domain. Nick can also be reached on Twitter @NicholasKross.

Nicholas Kross

I’m Nick! I’ve built a few small things so far. Right now I do software test engineering by day, and AI alignment by night.

Devin Kalish

I’m Devin, I met Nick through Rochester Institute of Technology’s Effective Altruism club. Many of my posts are edited versions of rants I previously posted on the club’s Discord. I have a BAAS in Physics and Literature and an MA in English, but mostly I write about philosophy. Currently I’m working on an MA in Bioethics.

Why the name?

“Thinking Much Better” is kind of a weird name, almost like a parody of rationalist sites like LessWrong. Are we parodying that? Are we full of ourselves? Both? Actually, neither.

I (Nick) originally bought ThinkingMuchBetter.com to blog about education and pedagogy. I’d been researching many things about pedagogy from different sources (mostly popular books…), and I wanted to try and spend a year writing a blog about the key ideas, in my spare time. Then Ultralearning came out and summarized basically all the things I’d seen anyway, so I used the domain name for this blog.

Also, Nick’s a LessWrong-style rationalist, and we both like that kind of blog, so the title’s not really making fun of that, either.