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Donate via my Ko-fi here.

I want to spend more time on AI alignment. Unfortunately, I also have bills to pay. Money from the Ko-fi will help me allocate more time to this. (It’s also kind of a helpful signal that I’m doing something valuable with my AI alignment research/writings.)

To give amounts of above $1,000ish (or in some nonstandard way, i.e. with cryptocurrency), contact me on LessWrong. (Also contact me there if my donations page is broken, not if you are having payment-processor issues. (Contact Ko-fi and/or your bank and/or your payment processor, instead).

I am not a nonprofit or corporation, but an individual, so I can’t provide you with any tax writeoff paperwork.

Any/all of the above may change in the future.

This sub-site is hosted inside Thinking Much Better, though not necessarily licensed or authored or owned in precisely the same way. On this sub-site, the below statement overrides Thinking Much Better’s default licensing:

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